Home Testimonials
Riley, OWU

Hola Entreamigos! Muchas gracias for allowing us into your space and your community to volunteer our time and be educated. I am so impressed by your dedication to the San Pancho community.

Mykia K.

Entreamigos, thank you for allowing us to tour your facilities or “home away from home." The family atmosphere created here rooted in sustainability and creativity is an incredible place filled with innovation and magic for all. Continue with the love and kindness fostered here.

Carolyn (Washington D.C.)

Thank you! What a wonderful asset to the community! I enjoyed a tour last year and came back to volunteer this year. Entreamigos is an excellent example of community empowerment that also benefits the environment.


Thank you so much for all the work your organization does for the community and students like us. I feel truly inspired and want to be more conscious about the waste I produce. Keep up the important work! I’ll carry this experience with me all the way home.

Helah Blumhagan

Working with the women of ea for three years making paper bead jewelry was an amazing experience.  They were dedicated, creative and worked very hard on each piece and came prepared with their paper beads.  They were always receptive to new ideas and would take off with great new ways of making jewelry.

Robert Graham

I have had the honor to work with EA over the past 9 years in many volunteer capacities. This included helping to build a recycled bottle wall, auctioneering to help them raise funds, training employees on fundraising skills, teaching public speaking courses, coaching the directors and many others. I always get so much out of the process thanks to the amazing, giving, kind people that EA attracts.